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Music from France

Program Description

The traditional music of France reflects a diverse array of styles. French music history dates back to the 10th century and produced troubadour songs of chivalry and courtly love. These traditional styles have survived most in remote areas such as the island of Corsica and mountainous Auvergne, as well as the more nationalistic regions of the Basques and the Bretons. In the 15th and 16th centuries, two styles of French songs, Chanson and Cabaret, emerged. A chanson is a lyric-driven French song that is usually polyphonic and secular. A cabaret style song is mainly distinguished by use in a performance venue — which might be a pub, restaurant or a night club with stage performances. Popular French songs have a sentimental tone and a distinctive sound that uses triple-time rhythms and instruments like the accordion. Many traditional French songs relate to Paris or a month in Paris — but most of the songs are about love. Recently, French folk music, in the form of the chanson and cabaret songs, has been revived to cater to tourists.

List of Tracks

  • 1 A Paris
  • 2 Traditional Song 1
  • 3 Sous Le Ciel De Paris
  • 4 Orpheus in the Underworld
  • 5 Paris, Voici Paris
  • 6 Allons Au Bois D’Meudon
  • 7 Paris Tour Eiffel
  • 8 Nocturne II: Fetes
  • 9 Paris Sera Toujours Paris
  • 10 Moulin Rouge
  • 11 Le Pecheurs de Perles: Je Crois Entendre
  • 12 Julot De Paris
  • 13 Mademoiselle De Paris
  • 14 Journee De Paris
  • 15 Coppelia No. 7: Csardas
  • 16 Il N’y A Qu un Paris
  • 17 Fleur De Paris
  • 18 Elle Frequentait La Rue Pigalle
  • 19 Faust, Qual Tubamento Salve Dimora
  • 20 Les Carreaux