About Us

The Smart Kidz Radio Station is part of the network of educational websites administered by Smart Kidz Media, Inc.—an organization that promotes the education of children. We believe that the real future lies in the hands of our children and grandchildren. Our first priority therefore, is the nurturing and education of our youth—and instilling in our youth the American family values that has sustained us for over 200 years.

Among these family values are: Individual freedoms, dignity for all human beings, self-reliance, equality for all under the law, respect for dissent, love of the truth, kindness and compassion for those who are less fortunate than us. The relationship among these values—the rights and the responsibilities—creates the fabric of the American society. We believe that if children are taught these values, they will have the foundation to pursue their personal goals and equal opportunity to compete for success.

Our Board of Directors, faithful supporters, and dedicated staff, are people that want to ensure that every child has access not only to foundational education programs—programs that supports what they are learning in school or at home, but access to media resources that instill core family values.

The Smart Kidz Radio Station is a place where your kids, and the entire family, will have fun listening to songs and stories that teach life skills and strong family values. We are sure that once you see how valuable the Smart Kidz Radio Station is for your family members, they will eagerly return time and again.