About Us

Smart Kidz Radio

Smart Kidz Radio is a social business enterprise featuring a streaming radio website that promotes the enjoyment of educational music and stories---and inspires children to bring about change to build a better world.

It is well-established that music plays a huge role within every society. It surrounds us in our daily lives—from movies, radio, TV programs, social gatherings, advertising campaigns or live performances. Music is pervasive in our society because it connects with us—it communicates with us directly. Music can change our emotional state, our thoughts, and our moods. It can influence the very course of our lives.

We too believe in the power of music—especially as it has such a great influence on children and young people. We created Smart Kidz Radio to use the power of music to provide children and young people with positive messages, values, and experiences. In fact, we desire to have all family member experience the "joy of music."

We believe that the real future lies in the hands of our children and grandchildren. Our first priority therefore, is to provide basic music education programming for our youth—music that instills American family values—values that has sustained us for over 200 years.

Among these family values are: Individual freedoms, dignity for all human beings, self-reliance, equality for all under the law, respect for dissent, love of the truth, kindness and compassion for those who are less fortunate than us. The relationship among these values—the rights and the responsibilities—creates the fabric of the American society. We believe that if children are taught these values through music, they will have the foundation to pursue their personal goals and equal opportunity to compete for success.

Smart Kidz Radio is a place where kids—and the entire family—will have fun listening to songs and stories in a safe online environment—ad free! We’re sure that once you children begin experiencing the joys of music, they will eagerly return to Smart Kidz Radio time and again.

Smart Kidz Foundation

The Smart Kidz Foundation's mission is to encourage young people to make a difference in their own lives, the lives of others, and in the global community. The Foundation’s goal is to empower young people to take the future into their own hands and play an active part in shaping a better, more peaceful world.

All children and young people, no matter their race, religion, gender, ethnic and/or economic background, have the right to an education, right to health care, right to live in a safe environment, the right to pursue career opportunities, the right to follow their dreams, and all other inalienable rights associated with being a human.

A portion from Smart Kidz Radio's membership fees will be donated to the Smart Kidz Foundation—a non-profit foundation that will financially support programs that give opportunities to young people to make a difference by following their career dreams and use their talents to make the world a better place.

The Smart Kidz Foundation will use its resources to inspire young people to grow as independent individuals who can break through the obstacles of poverty, racism, discrimination, and other forms of intimidation.

By providing resources and meaningful opportunities to young people, they will experience the significance of diversity and the joy of helping others—and at the same time, build self-confidence, compassion, and respect for the environment.